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Born and raised at the beach in the South Bay, I spent a lot of my youth surfing my local beach at Torrance Beach and the Palos Verdes and South Bay. In the mid 1960's, I was introduced to dirt bikes and the nearby high desert. All my fun was interrupted when I received my draft notice. After my service to country, I returned and took off where I had left. Had some friends invite me to the Mint 400 in the mid 70's, and I was hooked. Had picked up a camera overseas and played at learning how to operate it out at the races and the next thing I know, people are asking me for photos ! Started Carrera Photography in mid 1987 and it's been a great journey since. Having taken a little over a 10 year break to go live in Hawaii and pursue family and personal time, I am back and will be available for select events . My main objective now is to digitize my tremendous amount of slides I have archived.

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