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Cookies aren’t hard to find. In fact, when something becomes so common, they call it “Cookie Cutter”. All around the world cookies follow the same blueprint. At Cookie Plug, we realized that something new was long overdue. Three years ago we decided we had to bake it till we make it. We stepped out of the kitchen and into the streets. There we were inspired by graffiti and street art, Paired with hip hop culture, the Cookie Plug brand was born. We then put a twist on cookies that has never been seen before. FAT, THICC, and BOMB AF. Cookie Plug exploded onto the scene. In less than three years, 25 locations are slangin dope cookies that are baked fresh daily, with an experience that is unmatched. Fresh out the oven! You know the smell. Created by using only the highest quality ingredients. Dropping a limited edition flavor every month, while servin’ up the G.O.A.T cookie, the OG Chocolate Chip, nonstop. It’s a vibe, combined with the finest cookies that you will find anywhere on the planet, that’s the Cookie Plug.

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