Location:Lower Level: 1042

Phone: (951) 653-1744

Web Site: https://www.kay.com/?cid=AFF-PlaceWise+Media-Kay+Jewelers+-+234x60&utm_campaign=CJ&utm_source=PlaceWise+Media&cjReq=FGSK&cjevent=9116bb9b08d111eb801600710a18050f_708005393298960022%3AC3lxuDHRBzCG

The store for diamonds and jewelry. Every diamond is hand-selected to match beautifully and must pass exacting quality standards. Kay is diligent about the quality of our craftsmanship. We take the time to ensure the diamonds in your jewelry are well matched to one another. Because we import more diamonds than any other company in the United States, we can offer you the largest and finest diamond selection at the best price.

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